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EEqualsMC3 provides outsourcing services using the latest design, web, and mobile technologies. We have the passion, experience, and can-do-will-do attitude to deliver value. Read more…

Services Here is how we can deliver value for awesome customers.


We eat Elephants, one bite at a time!

Design, develop, deploy, then iterate is our mandate for adding value to the goals of your business.

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This is how we do it!

Using the latest technologies, our solutions are robust, scalable, and most important – reliable.

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We love vertical markets!

Our diverse knowledge and skills in multiple vertical markets helps us understand your needs.

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ProductsCheck out our kung fu…


Physipal is a health App

Designed to keep you pointed towards a healthy lifestyle without wasting the time of counting every calorie. The App equips you with the health information and motivation to succeed your fitness goals!

Visual Event Space

VES is a 3D visualisation App

Shows a customer the layout and decor' of a room at a venue like a hotel. VES visually promotes the event space and allow users to visually adjust the room according to their needs.


ActivICE is a very cool App

If you are hospitalized activICE will alert your emergency contacts and push your medical details onto your lock screen, even if you iPhone is passcode protected.


Have it hot off the press

EEqualsMC3 enters the software development arena

Our new software team promises to deliver world-class solutions through web and mobile technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Java, Objective-C, .Net, and SQL. Cloud Computing provides the complete platform from which our solutions will be delivered and allows our team to focus on delivering great products to enhance our customers' experience rather than being trapped by infrastructure issues like purchasing server hardware to house our solutions. The famous Agile methodology with the use of SCRUM Standups, Kanban Boards, and two-week iterations, ensures the making of software is transparent, achievable, and adapts to change accordingly.

Our team has the can-do; will-do attitude that puts them in a class of their own. So watch this space and we will provide you with updates of our software team's progress.

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